Dance for me, my gem.

Sandbound is a delight for the senses, a vibrant tale of passionate dances, a greedy king, and betrayal, in a court entangled with political intrigue, animal familiars, and magic, under the heat of the desert sun among mysterious sand dunes.


Sainey, a lifelong dancer, is selected to join the exclusive dancing troupe of the king of a foreign land, Aspasia, while it teeters on the brink of war on with her home country of Eyrut. Her coach and former caretaker, Russeem, entrusts her with the task of securing the king’s affection, thereby preventing a war.

Sainey enters a world of colorful hourglasses, peacocks, and romantic tapestries in the court of a king with fluctuating desires with an ambition of her own: to become Aspasia’s queen. She dances for the king nightly and he falls under her spell, but if Sainey’s past doesn’t destroy her chance of success, the king’s own dark history may.


Desert Rose: Sandbound Playlist Vol. 1